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Want to build visual portfolio?

Whether it be for admission to high school, undergraduate/graduate art programs to top universities, or for switching into a creative career, we can help you create a unique portfolio according to your needs.


An acceptable portfolio generally contains 15 to 20 drawings, paintings, collages, small three-dimensional works or photographs These art portfolio development session(s) help you create an extraordinary body of artwork that will round out your school applications, prepare you for college, and strengthen the impression you make on admissions and scholarship committees.

We have a list of instructors that can help you pull works from what you have already created, help create and add new works and put together a stunning clean visual portfolio to be presented.

Portfilio Prep is a One on One Program. 

*Instructors that come to your home are expected to arrive at scheduled time or call if traffic complications arise. An instructor will wait 15 minutes maximum at your home if you are not there when scheduled. After 15 minutes, they will leave and you will be billed for that 1-hour lesson. If payment for the missed lesson is not paid by the time of your next scheduled lesson, your lesson time will be permanently given to the next person on our waiting list.

*Due to a busy schedule, payment for the entire month of private lessons is due at the first lesson of the month. Because of the high demand for private lesson time slots, you must pay for complete month of private lessons even if you need to miss one.

Once dates are set, there is very little wiggle-room (in summer).



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