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Book Private or GROUP Lessons at YOUR HOME

...offering private lessons since 1995...

We offer a variety of instructors


Solo/Small Groups/ Large Groups

Tailored to your needs.

These personalized lessons are great for students who can't make it to a scheduled group classes or who want to advance their skills.


You can book a one-on-one lesson or a group session for a learning experience and group fun!


Artists as young as five years of age can take a private lesson, as well as elementary, middle school and even high school aged artists.

These lessons are tailored for artists just starting out to teenagers building portfolios for specialized art schools.

We even teach adults who are beginners or need their skills honed!


*Instructors that come to your home are expected to arrive at the scheduled time or call if traffic complications arise. An instructor will wait 15 minutes maximum at your home if you are not there when scheduled. After 15 minutes, they will leave and you will be billed for that 1-hour lesson. If payment for the missed lesson is not paid by the time of your next scheduled lesson, your lesson time will be permanently given to the next person on our waiting list.


*Due to a busy schedule, payment for the entire month of private lessons is due at the first lesson of the month. Because of the high demand for private lesson time slots, you must pay for a complete month of private lessons even if you need to miss one.

Once dates are set, there is very little wiggle-room.

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